May Moon Brought Big Bream & Bigger Bass

What’s up everyone? Captain Cody Davis with your latest Lake Okeechobee fishing report! We are in the middle of May and the fish are doing exactly what they should be in my opinion. This goes for both the Bass and all of the pan fish.

We will start with the Bass! The lake is currently sitting at 11.08 ft. give or take…it’s changing daily. This has fish in both, SUPER skinny water feeding on Bream, and fish out “deep” feeding on shad. When we say skinny, we mean you can’t be shallow enough. I have heard tons of reporting anglers getting out to push there boat multiple times a day. As long as the bait is shallow, the Bass will be too. Key baits have been a big, 3/4 or 1 oz. jig with as big of a trailer you can fit on the back. Also, a swim jig and a popping frog have been great for those shallow fish. As for the Shad eaters or ” deep” fish (fish in more than a foot and a half of water) a big worm, a spook or rattle-trap has been good. People fishing ledges in the rim canal have had great success with both quality and quantity, as well as people fishing the main lake who are fishing the grass…until they can see fish on the outside or out further in open water chasing bait. In this case, when you catch one, you will catch 20 or more.

As for the ” bait” or Bluegill and Shell-Crackers, this past full moon was crazy! Tons of fish, and big ones! When the pan fish are on beds, find the bed and toss either small worms or crickets to it, count to 3 and set the hook. Even shortly after or leading up to the full moon, the fishing remains great, but you will need to cover water. Again, find the beds, but than continue to troll around the general area throwing baits like a small Road Runner or the classic Beetle Spin. Live bait like the worms or crickets will also work at this time, just a slower presentation. Both the North and South end of the Lake have been loaded! Just find the clean water in around a foot and a half of water around the Kissimmee grass, and you will find the fish!

Tight Lines!
– Capt. Cody with Tight Splice Charters

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