Eager for Exotics?

Exotic species report by Capt. Hunter Weston with Slipped Knot Charters!

Peacock Bass:
Lake Ida is fishing exceptionally well, in both numbers and quality! Look to catch the bigger females up in shallow depths, around bedding areas with the heat pushing them off the banks into the drop offs later on in the day. A lot of fish are bedding shallow right now even despite the heat. I’ve noticed a lot of hydrilla coming back in Lake Ida which has cleaned up the water and produced ideal ambush cover. It’s fishing really good right now, so if you’ve been thinking about taking a trip down there…now is the time!

Clown Knife Fish:
A lot of big Clowns are hanging out deep on the humps following Shad. They have been a bit stingy lately but once you find them rolling, hunker down and spend some time on them. Domestic shiners work best. All you need to do is bump troll and hang on!

We’d be more than happy to put you on these Exotics this summer!

– – Capt. Hunter Weston 

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