Bring on the Heat!

Well, the weather has been HOT but the fishing has been too! With warm,  stable conditions over the past few weeks, everything in South Florida has been on a feeding frenzy!

As for Lake Okeechobee, the high water temperatures have the Bluegill setting up to spawn! They are not spawning yet, but look for them to be on beds come this next full moon. With all of the shallow water areas holding the Bluegill, the big Bass are right there with them. Anywhere with hard bottom, and clean water on the Lake has been holding good numbers of fish. If in the “back water”, throwing a Spro popping frog to isolated targets has been a go to for not only a lot of bites, but for big ones also. Mix in a speed worm and a flipping jig and you will catch all the fish you can handle.

If you are on the water bright and early, start on the outside edge and work your way in. We have had a shad spawn in the mornings along the main lake grass which has made for a great way to get your day started! Lipless crank baits, white swim jigs and any top water plugs have been getting crushed! Get out early though, because this bite only lasts for around 45 minutes.

If you are looking to catch exotics such as Peacock Bass or Snakeheads, they’re on fire further down south as well. Any lakes or canal systems that typically hold these species are holding them now and in big numbers. Top water frogs for the Snakeheads and top water walking baits for the Peacocks makes for a fun day!

As for the inshore species, Snook and Tarpon are fixing to get good here in the next month or so. The Snook have already started biting at all of the back water spillways, as well has under all of the residential boat docks in the canals. Starting mid April, the fish will start making their way out to the inlets to begin spawning.

Come on down and enjoy our Florida sunshine and book a trip with us for an awesome day on the water! Follow me on YouTube: Tight Splice Charters for some other informative reports, tips and fish catches!

  • Capt. Cody Davis with Tight Splice Charters

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