2-6-2020 Big Fish Being Caught…What Baits?

Hello everyone, Captain Cody Davis here with this month’s Lake Okeechobee fishing report!
The Lake is looking great right now, clean water everywhere, and at times maybe even too clear. With the conditions we have had as of late, a lot of anglers have been left scratching their heads as to why that giant ” wave” of fish has not come up into the shallows to ” do their thing” . With that being said, a couple of months ago we did see a massive wave of big fish move in, but for some reason this has not been repeated this month. Don’t get me wrong, this is Lake Okeechobee, so big fish are being caught everyday. I know of 4 this month that have been caught over 10lbs. I really think the ” problem ” is that the entire lake is set up right which has all of these big girls dispersed all around as appose to being confined in a couple of areas as seen in years passed. The productive patterns very from day to day. When fish are locked on the bed, tossing a stick bait to isolated reeds or even burning a frog or swim bait around has been hard to beat. Chatterbaits and swimming worms have been hot when you have located some staging fish out in a little deeper water. Also, if conditions allow it, fishing top waters such as a spook or buzz bait on the outside has been producing bites in the morning. As the sun gets up, fish the same area with a 3/4oz and your flipping bait of choice.

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