6-1-2019 Capt Cody Davis , Summer is heating up !!!

Hello everyone, Capt. Cody Davis here with the fishing report presented by Okeechobee Fishing Headquarters.
This week we’ll start with the inshore bite. The Snook and Tarpon bite has been good up and down the east coast, and is even better you when you can find the bait. The Tarpon are mainly outside on the beaches where as the Snook are still stacking up in the inlets and around the coastal bridges. Like I said in the last report, the later into the summer we get, the better the Snook fishing will get.

As for the Freshwater bite, Okeechobee is still fishing great. All of the big fish in the grass are in Bluegill mode. Finding areas or pockets in the grass with Bluegill beds around is still key. The water around the grass is very shallow and we are catching a lot of our big fish in water as low as 8″. With that being said, I feel a lot of the fish are also hunting deeper water. Any cuts leading into the rim canal make for great places to catch great numbers of fish. Frogs, swim jigs and rattle traps seem to be the 3 top baits.

Leaving Okeechobee, all of our lakes with exotic fish are on fire as well. The Snakeheads have all just spawned which means they are all guarding fry. Again, frogs and swim jigs have been great for catching these guys, and there have been some giants being caught.
The Peacock Bass are all starting to spawn. Walking top water baits have been working good for all the people fishing down in south Florida, but you can’t ever beat a live Shiner for a Giant Peacock. Just like the Snook, the later into the summer we get, the better the exotic bite will get.
Until next time…tight lines!

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