5-23-2019 Capt. Cody Davis

What’s going on everyone? Captain Cody Davis here with this weeks fishing report.
Lake Okeechobee is fishing fantastic right now. With the water being low, it is concentrating all the fish to the outside grass line. I would say the fishing down south is better than the north end. The whole key right now is finding isolated round reed clumps around bluegill beds. Stay back as far as possible and cast to the clumps with either a frog or stick bait and hang on.

As for the inshore report, the Snook bite is getting ready to explode here in the next week or so. The big pods of spawning fish are starting to make they’re ways out on to the beaches and inlets. From Sebastian inlet, all the way down to Government Cut, the Snook fishing will be picking up. Warm mornings make for great conditions for an early top water bite. After the sun comes up, netting some live bait and dropping them on the pods of grouped up fish makes for a great day!

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