5-24-2019 Memorial Weekend

As we go into the Memorial Day Weekend let all remember its not just a 3 day weekend. It’s a weekend to say Thank You. A weekend to remember those who have served us in one way or another whether it’s Military or First Responder that have given there ALL for the greater good so you can enjoy this weekend with family and friends.
If you plan to be on Lake Okeechobee please remember the water level is low but navigable. A small tip from us is when you are on the lake running your outboard engine make sure you run far enough off of the grasslines that you can just barely see them. As you get near you destination trim you engine up to the point it may even come out of the water. When your boat is off pad then trim down a little and idle into your spot. When your ready to leave make sure to idle out far enough that you can safely jump up on plane and run back. This should help you navigate a little easier. We hope you enjoy your weekend. Stay safe , Tight Lines and most of all REMEMBER !!!!!!

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