Summer Patterns Around the Storms!

The lake dropped at a super fast rate last month and now it’s coming up even faster! The lake is currently sitting at 12.90 and will most likely be above 13 ft. once Elsa has moved on.
With that being said though, the constant rainy weather has kept the water temps comfortable for the fish, and it has been showing! Okeechobee is still in its Summer time grind stage, but you might not have to grind as hard as usual. Big fish have been being caught from the Monkey Box all the way South to up around Pahokee. First thing in the morning has been best! Not just for the bite, but to give you some fishing time before the crazy storms show up around 11 am.
For the most part, all of the fish have been being caught out on the main lake or near the outside edge. But, some giants have been being caught in the back, just not as many.
On the outside, start the morning off by throwing a trap, white big ez, or white popping frog around the Kissimmee grass and round reeds. The fish have been taking advantage of the low light in the morning to gorge on Shad. Once the sun comes up, they will continue to eat, just not as aggressively.
After the Shad spawn in the morning, going back down the same stretch flipping a Beaver style bait on a 3/4 oz. weight and throwing a Blue Gill colored popping frog has been getting some bigger bites!
– Tight Lines,
Capt. Cody Davis
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