We are now entering that time of year where the South-Southeast winds become a lot more prevalent than the North-Northeast winds that we all dread. The water level is dropping, and the water temperature is rising. Bluegill, Shell Crackers, and all of the panfish are now making their way into the shallows to spawn, where they will undoubtedly be harassed and eaten by the giant Lake Okeechobee Bass. We are now entering “Spring Mode!”
As of right now, Lake Okeechobee is fishing “Good”. The reason it is not “Great ” is because we are now in a transitionary stage. As of today, you can catch a Bass doing anything you want out on the Lake. From punching mats all the way in the back of pockets, to throwing crank baits and traps on the outside/main lake….there are fish doing it all. Also, as of yesterday, I myself saw dozens of fish (some big fish) paired up and locked on beds still spawning.
Throwing a Gambler Burner Worm in any type of dark color pattern has been a great bait to get some bites on. As for getting that giant bite we are all looking for, either some type of frog or a big flipping jig has been the deal. Keep in mind, when fishing with those baits, sometimes getting 3 bites in a day is ” a lot” . You are specifically fishing for big ones!
As the lake level continues to drop and we get deeper into the warmer months, I see the lake doing nothing but improving. Blue Gill and Shad spawns are JUST around the corner, and we all know what that means! Get out there, tie on your confidence bait, and go fishing. Keep an eye out for clean water, good bottom, and lots of bait in a given area, and its a guarantee you are around some fish.
Tight Lines –
Capt. Cody Davis
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