New Year, New Fishing Report

Happy New Year y’all!
For 2021 we have a lowering lake with lowering water temperatures! Lake Okeechobee has been fishing good but for sure has been hit or miss. The fish are where they need to be for you to have your best shot at catching them. But…the past cold fronts have them being very finicky.
Fish are being caught all the way around the lake, from north to south. The south end still remains somewhat dirty, but if you’re able to find fishable water, you will find the fish. The plus side to finding fish south, is that you will likely have them to yourself! With the north winds blowing in there, it is also blowing the shad right to the fish. Target them using chatter baits, spinnerbaits, or a shad colored swim jig.
From Clewiston to the north, it has been fishing the same: finding spawning areas with hard bottom that is holding bait has been the deal. While fishing, keep eyes and ears open for activity. Shad flipping, bluegill kissing the grass, or shiners spooking from under the boat. Clean water in these areas is a bonus, although this whole area of the lake is plenty fishable right now.
Gambler EZ Swimmer in some type of natural pattern has been the ticket for moving baits. A Senko or swimming worm in a dark color being thrown on  fluorocarbon will get you lots of bites also. Keeping a big stick on the deck with a 1-1/2oz weight rigged with your favorite flipping bait is a smart idea too. If you come across anything matted, punch it. Chopped eel grass mats have been producing some big fish from all around the lake.
Over the next few weeks if the weather continues to warm up, the lake should go off! The lake is now at 15.70ft which is still high, but is coming down consistently. This will continue to confine fish to certain areas, which will make them easier to find.
Tight Lines,
Capt. Cody Davis
Tight Splice Charters

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